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Welcome to AMTA Forum!

This list is for the use of members of Albuquerque Music Teachers Association to share information with one another, to ask questions or solicit advice, and to discuss issues of music teaching. Nonmembers are also welcome to subscribe, as long as they respect the following guidelines:

Types of postings that are encouraged:

  • questions (and answers) regarding the teaching of music
  • news and events
  • instruments for sale, teaching opportunities, etc.
  • recommendations for books, music, recordings, method books, etc.

      Types of postings that are not permitted:

      • spam: such things as off-topic materials and irrelevant or inappropriate sales pitches
      • solicitations: such things as donations and petition signing
      • flaming: emails that are hostile, make personal attacks, or discriminate against gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

        The Albuquerque Music Teachers Association reserves the right to remove subscribers who, in the opinion of the moderators, abuses the privileges of participation and/or violates list rules.

        For help in using this website, click on Shared Documents in the sidebar and download the document entitled Intro to AMTA Forum.

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