A resource/discussion group for agencies partnered with CATS

CATS recognizes our unique position of working with a variety of social service agencies and those
agencies' staff in particular. We are aware of our place within the Bay Area social services
community as an information conduit. Through our event announcement e-mails we are able to reach
and inform an extremely large number of people at one time.

We have developed a �bulletin board� specifically for you � our partner agencies. This bulletin
board provides you the opportunity to connect with one another to share information and resources.
It is completely voluntary; you and anyone with your agency may sign up to receive and post
announcements to the list or choose not to. It�s totally up to you.

We see the potential of these kinds of connections as a direct way to share information and
resources with one other and contribute to strengthening the community that we are all committed to

One important note: This forum or bulletin board is NOT for requesting or confirming events with
CATS staff. This community is for all of you, CATS is simply the administrator.

To post a message to the list, simply send the e-mail to: catscommunity@npogroups.org
To unsubscribe from this list, simply send an e-mail to: catscommunity-unsubscribe@npogroups.org

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