High Point Community Leaders

Many new families and individuals have moved into the neighborhood during the past few years. However, many neighbors haven’t had the opportunity to get to know and support one another. The High Point Neighborhood Association, the Neighborhood House Family Center and the Seattle Housing Authority recognize this and are working together to support the creation of a community leader program at High Point. The community leader program is aimed at increasing opportunities for neighbors to get to know one another, strengthen communication and to learn about the cultural diversity in the neighborhood. Community leaders throughout High Point would take the lead in hosting small gatherings so that neighbors can get to know one another. Community Leaders will receive support and assistance to host local gatherings in the neighborhood and will be invited to regular gatherings to receive resources and training on an ongoing basis. You have been identified as a potential community leader. In order for the program to be successful and representative of the entire community we need your participation. If you have any questions before then please feel free to contact Genevieve Aguilar, High Point Community Builder, at gaguilar@seattlehousing.org or 206.696.3148.
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