NYS Informal STEM

Welcome to the New York State Informal STEM listserv! The Network for Youth Success is proud to support this space for communication about youth and science, technology, engineering, & math learning.

This listserv is a space for sharing news & events, curricula, & resources; managing quality; success stories from the field; asking questions; and any other appropriate messages participants would like to share across the regions. It is meant for anyone who has an interest in youth learning and application of STEM-related practice in youth work.

Ultimately, our vision is that all students have access to a range of science offerings
that prepare them for post-secondary success and inspire long-lasting interest in the
STEM disciplines.

The After-School Corporation (TASC), in partnership with the New York State
Afterschool Network (NYSAN), launched an expansion of TASC’s Frontiers in Unbounded
Science Exploration (FUSE) initiative across New York State with the goal of increasing
the availability of high-quality science, technology, engineering and mathematics
(STEM) experiences delivered to students in after-school and summer programs. This listserv was founded as a part of that project.

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