Rockland Coalition to End the New Jim Crow

MISSION: The Rockland Coalition to End the New Jim Crow (RCENJC) works to end the use of the criminal justice system as a tool of racial oppression, and to eliminate the entrenched racism that has allowed a new system of oppression and segregation to form in the wake of each successful campaign for racial equality in our society. We focus on both consciousness-raising and policy change in Rockland County, NY and throughout the United States.

CONTACT INFO: • 845-558-8355

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Coalition Goals:

  • Raise awareness of the disproportionate impact of mass incarceration and the “prison industrial complex” on people of color in Rockland County and throughout the United States.
  • Identify how these problems operate in Rockland County, specifically, and pursue meaningful policy change.
  • Transform the experiences of disempowered citizens and shift inequities in institutional structures of power through advocacy and direct action.

Coalition Campaigns:

  • Ban the Box: Recently, dozens of cities, counties and states across the United States have passed legislation to end the practice of asking job applications to disclose their criminal history on the initial application. Rockland County should be added to this list!
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