Double reed discussions

Welcome to the Double Reed Discussion List.


This list is designed for the discussion of issues concerning double reed instruments. Intended participants are all double reed enthusiasts including performers, composers, instructors, and vendors to the double reed community. The list is a place for open discussion and debate conducted in a civil manner. A small group of volunteer moderators, selected from the group membership, is available to the community to review behavior and claims of guidelines violations. Below are the list guidelines for participants.

Permitted (encouraged)

  • questions and answers
  • news and events
  • job postings, instrument and other sales, etc.
  • resources (including vendor product and service information)

Not Permitted

  • spam: such things as off-topic materials and irrelevant or inappropriate sales pitches
  • solicitations: such things as donations and petition signing
  • flaming: emails that are hostile, make personal attacks, or discriminate against gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

As Double Reeds does not not pre-screen emails, the views expressed in emails do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of the members as a whole.

Double Reeds and its moderators reserve the right to remove anyone who, in our joint opinion, abuses the privileges of participation and/or violates list rules.

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