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ican - Iowa Citizen Action Network

Subject: Iowa Citizen Action Network

Welcome to Iowa Citizen Action Network's e-mail alert list.

Through this e-mail newsletter we provide regular issue bulletins and action alerts. Be on the look out for vital information on pressing issues in the Iowa Legislature and U.S. Congress and for new ways you can make a difference.

To learn more about ICAN, visit us on the web at!

What YOU can do to ensure the proper delivery of our emails:

1. Check your junk mail folder. You may have a spam-blocker set up on your system that is automatically putting certain emails from us in your junk mail folder. Most systems offer a way to flag �good� mail put originally into your junk mail folder so that in the future, all emails from that address go directly to your inbox.

2. Check your spam blocker settings. Many email systems have spam control centers where you can add email addresses to �safe lists.� Make sure the emails listed in #3 are on your safe list.

3. Add our email addresses to your address book. The addresses that need to be added are:;;

Having these addresses in your address book makes our emails look less suspicious to spam blockers.

4. Contact your Internet Service Provider. Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) perform spam blocking on a system-wide level. This means that you as the user have no ability to monitor your own spam�the ISP does it for you before it ever enters your inbox (AOL is a great example of an ISP that does this type of system-wide spam blocking). You can email your ISP and ask them to allow all the emails from the addresses in #3 to come directly to your inbox and not get caught by spam blockers (this is called �white listing� an email address).

Thank you for participating in our democracy!

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