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wmanyouth - Youth caucus of WMAN

Subject: Youth caucus of WMAN

Description: This is a email list of the Youth Caucus of WMAN

>>>> Greetings & Welcome to the WMAN Youth Mailing List! <<<<

To interact with the other WMAN Youth Caucus subscribers, simply address a
message to:

Your message will be automatically distributed to all current
subscribers to the WMAN Youth Caucus Mailing List.

Note the following:

* When you want to reply to a message on the list, be sure
to check the "to" line in your email software before sending
your message to ensure that you're sending the message to
correct recipient: the whole list OR the orginal sender.

* Because you are a member of the list, you will automatically
receive any message that is sent to the list. (This can be helpful
as a confirmation that your message was delivered properly.)

Thanks, and again, welcome!

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